630 tide tide cargo slowed down, solar energy prices rose convergence

February 04, 2016

Time approaching the middle of May, all the upstream and downstream full sprint to supply China 630 before the order needs. However, the demand for cargo strength in this week has been slowing down, so the supply chain sections of the price increase began to slow down convergence.
Price break through the bottleneck, offer has come to RMB 115 / kg or more. Due to the recent full capacity of production, the order is almost full in May, the recent price of polysilicon is expected to remain at RMB 115 / kg water level, but due to the expected cooling of 630 after the expected psychological, or limited.


Benefit from 630 before the pull goods tide, especially efficient polycrystalline and generally efficient polysilicon wafer orders have been full, particularly efficient silicon offer maintained at US $ 0.60 / pc. China's highly efficient polysilicon chip offer to enhance the RMB 0.03-0.05 / pc, and because there is no inventory, anxious or there will be another wave of price opportunities. At present, most of the silicon chip shipments have been scheduled to early June, if the cargo tide began to slow down, the slowest expected in early June will face a new wave of decline. On the other hand, still in the out of stock state of the silicon wafer, due to the terminal demand is still ardent, this week the price slightly raised RMB 0.03-0.08 / pc.
Battery chip part, most manufacturers orders are full, efficient polycrystalline battery chip offer rose RMB 0.02-0.05 / W, if there is still goods out, is expected to soon break through RMB 1.7 / w, the equivalent of US $ 0.21 / W bottleneck. The general efficiency of the price of polycrystalline cells is maintained with the level of last week, no fluctuations. The price of the single crystal PERC battery has hit US $ 0.325 / w, and a few vendors have broken through US $ 0.33 / w. As the pull of the material strength has slowed down signs, components of the offer is basically consistent with last week, still depends on the terminal to further enhance the demand to lift the market to buy gas.