2017 fiber demand, prices are expected to rise 20%

February 04, 2016

With broadband China, and other related policies to promote the field is still in a state of continuous improvement. According to the relevant data and industry research results, is expected in 2017, domestic demand is expected to grow 20%, while prices will increase by about 20%, fiber market growth is expected to exceed 40%.


The current investment in the field of optical communications has maintained a high growth, optical communications industry chain, the main company's operating income and net profit have maintained a good growth, such as Changfei company, prosperous power, transit technology.
In order to deepen the implementation of the "broadband China" strategy, in January 2017, the NDRC and the Ministry of Industry jointly issued the "Three-year Action Plan for Major Projects in Information Infrastructure". In 2016-2018, an estimated 12,000 investment in information infrastructure Billion, which focus on promoting the backbone network, metropolitan area network, fixed broadband, mobile broadband access network 92 key construction project design a total investment of 902.2 billion yuan.
With the "", "broadband China", "along the way" and other related policies to promote and benefit from, broadband, and the construction of domestic fiber supply are more tense. And with the operator "speed down fee" continue to advance, is expected to "speed" will become a new trend in broadband development, which will also benefit the development of the industry.
According to the operator 2016-2017 Jicai situation, size and price have improved significantly. In September 2016, China Mobile launched 2016 annual 2156965 leather long kilometers of ordinary products Jicai, the implementation of fiber optic cable prices, the price of 115 to 125 yuan / core km, the manufacturers by the share of the implementation of their respective bid price, the corresponding fiber prices in the 65 ~ 70 yuan / core km. December 2016, China Telecom launched 2016 35 million core km G. 652D fiber set mining, set the maximum bid limit of 60 yuan / core km. March 2017, China Unicom launched 2017 - 2018 58.3 million core km cable Jicai, the first ladder standard package an ordinary fiber optic cable limit of 62 yuan / core km (including tax), processing costs limit of 1357 yuan / Skin length of 12 km / core km (including tax), processing costs limit 7585 yuan / skin long kilometers (including tax). In April 2017, China Mobile also launched 2017-2018 butterfly cable products Jicai, as well as non-skeleton cable (the first batch) Jicai, and no maximum tender limit.