Battery companies frequently by the two crowded prices how to drop

February 04, 2016

The development of new energy vehicles can not be separated from the power battery, as the core components, the cost of power batteries accounted for 30% of vehicle costs to 50%. All along, the cost of the battery is too high to cause the price is significantly higher than the same level of fuel vehicles, so to a certain extent, the new energy vehicles on the consumer's lack of attractiveness. Further reduce battery costs, improve battery performance has become the industry's efforts. In fact, this year, the situation faced by the battery business is different from the previous year, because the "cheat" event, the first quarter of this year, the impact of the new energy automotive market exceeded expectations, the battery companies are facing pressure from all sides.

现状调查:电池企业频遭两头挤 价格该怎么降

The cost of power batteries is closely related to the price of raw materials. Earlier this year, power batteries need cobalt, nickel, copper, lithium carbonate and other raw material prices rose sharply. To produce an important raw material of lithium carbonate, for example, the price of lithium carbonate in 2015 is about 50,000 ~ 90,000 yuan / ton, 2016 rose to 16 million / ton; another important raw material metal cobalt prices all the way skyrocketing, Electrolytic cobalt prices from 2015 to 200,000 yuan / ton, climbed to 2017 nearly 40 million / ton.
Compared with the crazy rise in the price of the cathode material, the price of the anode material, the diaphragm and the electrolyte is relatively stable. Overall, the price of the raw material of the battery is on the rise.
In addition to the higher prices of raw materials upstream, the battery companies have to face the price of car prices. Dongfeng Yangzi Jiang, general manager of the car assistant, chief engineer Lei Hongjun bluntly: "OEMs will subsidize the pressure of retreat to power battery business, and there is no room for bargaining."
It is understood that from the beginning of 2017, the vehicle factory and the battery business game has been staged. Chery New Energy Automotive Marketing Minister Lu Huaping told reporters that the beginning of the car and the battery business in the difficult negotiations, hoping to further reduce the battery price. In fact, the pressure on the battery manufacturers not only from the cost, policy changes led to technical route adjustment also brought great pressure to the battery manufacturers, battery manufacturers must be based on policy standards for battery specifications, PACK program and even material formulations to adjust.
The face may also continue to rise in raw material prices, and continue to lower prices of the vehicle business, battery companies must find their own way of life.
A battery company do not want to name the insiders to the "China Automotive News" reporter said: "In fact, should be 'two squeeze' pressure, many battery companies have their own coping strategies: one can join the stock or set up their own raw materials companies to ensure that enterprises The use of the best price of raw materials; the other hand can be shares of vehicle companies, to create the interests of the community, to reduce the pressure on the vehicle business.
Guoxuan Hi-Tech is one of the most typical enterprises, the enterprise has been committed to the development of lithium-ion battery and its upstream and downstream industries, 2016 has been built with an annual output of 8,000 tons of cathode material production line, planning capacity of 50,000 tons, The battery cathode material is self-sufficient. In addition, the company also shares Beiqi new energy, holding 3.75% stake, so that the cooperation between the two more solid.
BYD also has a layout in the field of raw materials. Last year, BYD announced that it will be with the Qinghai Salt Lake Industry, Shenzhen Zhuo domain into the investment company jointly set up a new company Qinghai Salt Lake BYD Resources Development Company Limited. The new company specializing in salt lake lithium resources development, production and sales, the main production of lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide and other products.
It is understood that, in addition to the injection of shares of the upstream and downstream enterprises outside the way, the battery business through technological innovation, large-scale production, amortization of the way to reduce costs.
For the power battery cost reduction requirements, the national level has developed relevant guidance. According to the "energy and new energy vehicle technology road map" plan, by 2020, the cost of power battery monomer 0.6 yuan / Wh, the system cost of 1 yuan / Wh; to 2025, the monomer cost of 0.5 yuan / Wh, The system cost is 0.9 yuan / Wh; to 2030, the monomer cost is 0.4 yuan / Wh, the system cost is 0.8 yuan / Wh.
It is understood that the current mainstream battery battery pack price, compared to the previous two years has dropped significantly, at present, the price of iron phosphate is about 1.7 to 1.8 yuan / Wh, three yuan lithium battery pack price of 1.4 to 1.7 yuan / Wh The The industry believes that taking into account the depreciation of the battery business costs and non-amortization costs reduction, technological progress to bring energy density, so that the unit watts battery prices, 2017 power battery prices are expected to decline more than 20%.
Need to pay attention to is the power battery overcapacity is an indisputable fact, the basic shape of the leading enterprises formed, the price decline will be much higher than expected, with the second half of the release of power battery production capacity, market competition will be more intense, product prices have further Downward trend. Is expected between 2017 to 2020, the first echelon power battery business gross margin will drop from 30% to 20%.