NFC technology applications ubiquitous The future development of things is worth looking forward to

February 04, 2016

Mobile phone is the necessary personal items, and gradually replace the original living objects, including keys, access cards, credit cards, tickets ... ... and so on, NFC technology how to use portable devices in human life?

NFC (NearFieldCommunication, short-range communication technology) is not a new technology, but the recent application of more and more related issues, especially third-party payment of the topic was fired uproar, we suddenly worried that the phone in the Contact the machine in the case of mutual induction and to achieve the purpose of payment, is the use of NFC technology, the most typical example is the bus card. What is NFC technology and where is its application level?
What is the development of NFC? NFC is evolved on the basis of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and interconnection technology, which is the development and innovation of non-contact technology and RFID technology, is a short distance wireless Communication technology standards.
The basic application of NFC technology can be divided into the following four categories:
Contact, such as access control, tickets and tickets, etc., users only need to carry a ticket or gated password mobile device close to the reader can be.
Contact confirmation, such as mobile payment, the user by entering a password or just accept the transaction, confirm the transaction behavior.
Contact connection, such as the two built-in NFC device connected to the point-to-point data transmission, such as download music, picture interchange and synchronous exchange of communication books;
Contact browsing, a built-in NFC device can seamlessly and easily browse the information in another NFC-enabled device.
NFC is widely used in mobile phones, mobile phones with other devices to achieve wireless transmission function is not new, but because the phone is already indispensable to modern items, and therefore from the phone equipped with NFC function to extend the application is more and more The more extensive. In terms of intelligent building to talk about, NFC currently in the access control system on the application of what?

Recogniv Asia Pacific sales manager MichaelWAI said that if a large-scale use of a technology, the technology needs to be as digital as possible in order to (mobile) Internet for distribution or remote download, to overcome the cost of logistics and barriers. With the trend of BYOD (BringYourOwnDevice), we see more and more businesses let employees use personal mobile phones or portable devices to handle business, such as email, document signing, workflow signing, and employee and corporate security Systems such as authentication between applications.
In order to access control, the digital access card (into a digital certificate) can be easily and safely sent to the designated user's mobile phone or other mobile devices, and then through the mobile network and the cloud to manage the digital certificate life cycle, For example, today there are temporary staff to be in and out of the building, the management unit can send a "temporary" access control certificate to these staff, when set a good time, access control certificate will be invalid, security will no doubt.
With the popularity of NFC, digital door card / certificate can be preloaded or downloaded to the phone, or only one NFC label attached to the phone or purse, when the user to NFC mobile phone to open the door, they can simply use the phone touch Access control, like a traditional door card. At present, many European hotels have also adopted the NFC door lock, the hotel will be in the guests before the check-in NFC key sent to the guests of the phone, the guests will be scheduled in the day to the designated room will be able to open the door with their mobile phone, do not need to To the counter check-in.
We can even foresee that in the near future, NFC will make access to the door disappeared, the user simply touch the door through the phone NFC label, the system will be the door position (or ID) and user credentials and visitors Where the location for the combination, used as access control system to open the door request.
Moreover, the administrator of the access control system, through the NFC phone, at any time to replace the different functions of the door card, in different crisis handling conditions, send different levels of instructions to the access control system to lock a regional access or release area Access control to ease the crowd.
What is the future trend of NFC?
NFC has been integrated into an IOT (InternetOfThings, Internet of Things) world by an independent technology and application. Internet of Things refers to a variety of items that are connected to the network, ranging from smart thermostats, garage doors, small to toothbrushes, heartbeat sensors, and even furniture and bulbs in the house.
The Internet of Things system collects data data related to the user's habits and usage patterns, connects to an application (APP), and provides data analysis to the cloud or large data server to improve the quality of life of the user and even provide the product The use and consumption of information to manufacturers to predict consumer demand and improve product quality.
NFC as the initiator of the start and connection, in the help device or sensor to the mobile device Bluetooth or WIFI equipment for instant match, played an important role. NFC's most important of course also has payment features such as Google Wallet (GoogleWallet) and Apple ApplePay. However, NFC's potential problems and challenges are how to improve its security without compromising and influencing the user experience.
Any more mature technology, we actually see it the opportunity will be less, because it will be embedded in different technologies and applications, and then everywhere.
NFC and Bluetooth technology in the application of what is the difference?
NFC and Bluetooth there is no competition, but with a complementary role. Although the Bluetooth pairing function has been very mature, Android and AppleiOS standards have been unified, but because different phones or devices in the Bluetooth function is not the same, sometimes to successfully match, it may take tens of seconds.
And NFC through a simple touch, and instantly the phone and other equipment to match or provide real-time configuration (Configure) or connect (such as website, router, wifi) MichaelWAI manager said NFC in the future may become a default mode, Turn off only in flight mode to enhance the user experience.
NFC can also provide a reliable and credible interaction when it needs to be recognized and approved by the user. The touch action is actually used to help the user provide a command to execute, such as paying, opening the door, allowing the exchange of information ... The action or process of. Even if Bluetooth can achieve the above functions, but the lack of user confirmation action, especially in the security-related and payment applications, will allow users to produce security concerns.
In short, if the need for fast, user confirmation, data transmission less, NFC is a good choice; if you need a longer distance (50 cm to 100 cm), and the data transmission more frequently, in the information exchange users Participation in the lower demand, the Bluetooth will become an inevitable choice.
No matter what technology, the biggest challenge is often thinking about how to enhance the use of feelings for the user to bring real convenience. If the user to change the habit to accommodate a technology, will encounter some obstacles; the other hand, if the technology can bring more convenient, better user experience, will be able to do more with less, whether it is NFC, Bluetooth, Internet of Things or access Technology is the ultimate goal.