After the two sessions, LED is about to force the four aspects

February 04, 2016

Looking back at the first quarter of the policy, the two sessions are around the topic. So, in the last two years of the two sessions, which proposals are closely related with the industry? The introduction of the new policy will have a favorable impact on the LED industry? At the same time, what are the sound from the LED industry? What are the suggestions and opinions of the two delegates on the LED industry?
        Intelligent lighting welcome opportunities
National two sessions recently held in Beijing, artificial intelligence once again be concerned about. This year the Prime Minister of the State Council in the government work report for the first time referred to artificial intelligence, and in the thirteen five national science and technology innovation plan included, showing that artificial intelligence is entering an important period of development, industry outbreak soon. Analysis of artificial intelligence will begin to apply to the field of strong professional subdivision, such as cars, home appliances, etc., after the accumulation of the database and algorithm progress, and then extended to other areas.

This means that the smart lighting industry will also usher in a good policy of good development situation. In September 2016, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau in the promulgation of the "Beijing" 13th Five-Year "green lighting project implementation plan" which pointed out that in 2019 and 2020 to promote the municipal industrial park, Campus, hospital intelligent lighting upgrade project.

Nuggets sports industry

On March 5, the fifth session of the 12th National People 's Congress was opened at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presented a report on the work of the government. "Government Work Report" in addition to "to promote and protect people's livelihood as the focus of social construction," the work of the review referred to "do the Olympic Winter Games, the winter Paralympic Games preparatory work, co-ordination of mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry Development, extensive national fitness, so that more people enjoy the movement happy, have a healthy body. People's physical and mental health, optimistic, the country will be full of vigor and vitality, "there are some worthy of discussion, specifically here, for this Industry criticism.

For the sports industry this big cake, attracted a lot of LED industry capital influx. At present, including Lehman shares, optoelectronics, Riyadh and other large LED companies are beginning to plan in the sports industry layout. I believe in the national policy under the guidance of the future LED business in the field of sports will have a greater.

Clinging to the "all the way" development opportunities

2017 "area along the way" theme is expected to continue to heat up. 2017 during the two sessions, March 5, Premier Li Keqiang government work report 5 times mentioned "one way", March 8 morning foreign minister Wang Yi said that more than 20 heads of state have been determined to participate in May 2017 " International Cooperation Summit Forum ", in addition to the leaders round table summit, there is a wider range of" all the way along the way, "the six high-level theme of the meeting, Beijing and" all the way "will once again become the focus of global attention.

For export-oriented enterprises, "along the way" related to the introduction of the policy is undoubtedly brought to the enterprise a huge opportunity for development. According to statistics, "along the way" market growth will be higher than the national LED lighting products overall level of exports, 2013-2020 annual average growth rate of about 58% by 2020 China's LED lighting products export all the way about 53 billion US dollars, Accounting for 50% of the national share.


Grasp the "wisdom of the city" opportunity

During the two sessions this year, representatives from all over the country on the "wisdom of the city" have made suggestions, that "smart city" construction is a huge project, the need to improve the city security, underground corridors and other construction, and wisdom of urban construction can not coax On their own, to scientific planning, co-ordination.

The past two years, "wisdom of the city" to promote the development of LED industry has also brought new opportunities for development. As an important part of urban public lighting system and intelligent city, intelligent LED lights and security monitoring-based LED display industry, is undoubtedly a big positive.

Nearly two years in the two LED industry representatives concerned

2017 two sessions
Ouyang Zhongcan
Large size AMOLED, China and South Korea at the same starting line
"The new display technology is high and widely used.China has developed from the flat to show the weak country to the big country, has been the government's concern and guidance.It is now show that the technology has come to the stage of AMOLED evolution, technology and product iteration opportunities challenge. AMOLED, China and South Korea at the same starting line. "During the two sessions, the CPPCC National Committee members, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ouyang Zhongcan, said in an interview with reporters.
Li Dongsheng
Called on governments at all levels to increase support for the semiconductor display / chip industry
On March 4, the day before the opening of the Second Session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) came directly from the Barcelona Mobile World Congress (MWC) to attend the twelfth National People's Congress, TCL Group Chairman and CEO Li Dongsheng brought one Entitled "on the semiconductor display / chip industry to increase support efforts." He pointed out that the semiconductor chip and semiconductor display industry is to boost the competitiveness of China's electronic information industry, the most important basis for the proposed state to take effective and comprehensive measures to support the development of these industries.
2016 two sessions
National People 's Congress, Jiangxi Province Nanchang Mayor Guo An
It is recommended to silicon substrate LED rose to national strategy to support the industry bigger and stronger
National People's Congress, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang Mayor Guo said that China's silicon substrate LED technology has broken the monopoly of Europe and the United States and technology, to the top of the global LED industry value chain, the proposed national silicon substrate LED rose to national strategy to support Silicon substrate LED technology upgrades and industry bigger and stronger.
National People's Congress, Hebei Peng Yuan Enterprise Group Chairman Zhu Liqiu on behalf of
It is recommended to silicon substrate LED rose to national strategy to support the industry bigger and stronger
National People's Congress, Hebei Peng Yuan Enterprise Group Chairman Zhu Liqiu is very concerned about the industrialization of LED development. She said that the current Samsung and other large international companies and LED industry several major giants such as Philips, OSRAM, CREE, etc. have increased the silicon substrate LED technology research and development efforts. In the face of the competitive pressure of international enterprises, to maintain the advantages of starting, to avoid the "early morning to catch a late set" to enhance China's original technology independent brand international competitiveness, has become an important issue of imminent.
In this regard, Zhu Liqiu proposed to accelerate the pace of large-scale industrial development of silicon substrate LED technology, rose to "thirteen" period of national strategy, so that the world's LED lighting history of rewriting the "China's core" priority in China to obtain sustainable development, And gradually let the "Chinese core" to the world.