Ignoring the risk of sharing the phone will become a tide of cannon fodder

February 04, 2016

From the bike, to the charge treasure, and then to the basketball and umbrella, sharing the economic expansion is already no boundaries. Recently, share the phone high-profile debut. From the media news that love recycling its charity rental service platform to enjoy the machine and Sesame Credit announced a strategic cooperation, Sesame credit points in 600 points and above users can apply for access to the machine to provide credit rental services.

无视风险 共享手机将成共享大潮的炮灰

Compared with cycling and charging treasure and other goods, the particularity of mobile phones, doomed to share a lot of risk of mobile phones. In the shared bike has just canceled the deposit, just entered the market to share the phone throw off the deposit, aggressive behind the Jixi arrogant, more is the risk of ignoring.
Can credit eliminate the risk of fraud?
For consumers, the exchange of machines and Sesame credit cooperation in the introduction of credit rental is a great thing. Especially in the smart phone replacement of the moment, which allows consumers to use the lowest cost of the latest mobile phone. However, for the exchange machine, there is no risk of renting the phone too much.
In other words, no need to pay the deposit rental machine to enjoy the machine, the essence of the use of ant chant pre-authorization to stop the risk of rejection of the phone. In theory, this method is feasible. The key to the question is whether there is a loophole in this model. If there are criminals to steal or borrow the names of others to rent the phone, how can the middle of the risk be resolved?
Undeniably, similar to the credit card pre-authorization model, can reduce the risk of sharing mobile phone rental platform, but no shortage of speculators of the Internet, the same will be drilled to share mobile phone vulnerabilities. In the early years, many people in Jingdong to buy a new mobile phone, and then remove the key components after the return, or with the same type of damaged mobile phone return arbitrage is not uncommon. In the area of ​​shared bicycles, there are deposits can not avoid the bike is occupied or lost, sharing the phone can bypass these saboteurs?
More importantly, sesame credit is not currently connected to the personal credit system, even if the breach will not adversely affect personal credit. Although there are insurance and credit mechanism, but there are still many risks to share the phone. Especially in the credit seriously missing the moment, the credit mechanism is difficult to put an end to the risk of fraud in shared mobile phone operations.
Privacy is a stumbling block to share your phone
In essence, the so-called credit rental mobile phone, is to share the phone. As we all know, the phone is a very strong private digital products, many consumers will store photos in the phone, chat and online banking and other software. The same phone has been used by many consumers, privacy, how to solve this acute problem?
Mobile phone height of privacy, doomed to share the phone is not like a shared bicycle, can be recycled back and forth. Objectively speaking, sharing bicycles and sharing the charge treasure, and even share the umbrella, the user will not leave any privacy data, and the phone is different. In a lot of consumer awareness, the phone has become a safe safe. Small to photos and chat records such data, large to the daily work of the mail and meeting records, are customary to save to the phone. Some female users, but also used to put their own large-scale photos on the phone to save. Obviously, the phone has become a user secret safe.
It is not difficult to imagine that once the rental phone users to return the phone, the data security in the phone will be a high degree of concern to users. Admittedly, consumers can return to the factory before the return of the factory settings, clear all the information in the phone, but so the user's privacy is absolutely safe it had media reports that the phone to restore the factory settings, through the professional software is still able to Restore all the information on the phone, which means that the privacy of the rental mobile phone consumers will be exposed to other people.
If the recovery of data includes online banking, Alipay such a client, the consumer's financial security will be threatened. At present, the exchange platform to see whether there are comprehensive measures to protect the privacy of mobile phone users to rent it? In addition to mobile phone users data security, the replacement of mobile phone data backup and recovery, but also share the phone is facing another problem.
Objectively speaking, cycling and charging treasure, as well as basketball and umbrellas, these products do not involve privacy, is a highly open product, suitable for sharing. In contrast, mobile phones as a particularly strong product of privacy, not suitable for sharing or leasing, only suitable for purchase.
Profit is the topic of sharing mobile phones
Shared bicycles and shared chargers, as well as shared basketball, have a profit model. For shared mobile phones, profit is also a topic that can not be avoided. Indeed, the sharing of mobile phones also rely on rental costs to make money, the difference is that the phone depreciation soon, it will become a share of mobile phone profitability of a difficult.
More fatal is that sharing the phone with the traditional mobile phone manufacturers to form a competition. To enjoy the machine for this platform, the rental phone will Apple, Huawei and other mobile phone brands to compete. Imagine, you can use a lower cost of renting mobile phones, consumers why to buy? According to media reports, enjoy the machine also supports the user to buy out the rental of the phone, this way, hold high the exchange of mobile phone banner, Just like a mobile phone sales channels. To be precise, the use of rental models to sell mobile phones, and offline mobile phone stores are quite similar to the purchase.
Sale Ye Hao, lease worth mentioning, sharing the phone is still to make money. Compared to shared bikes and shared chargers, the profitability of shared mobile phones is greater. According to the data revealed by the exchange machine, credit rental services on the line has been 6 months, the highest daily revenue has exceeded 10 million, the recent average daily orders have more than 2000 single, the total number of single users reached 100,000. In the past 2016 years, Huawei's mobile phone sales have been billions of dollars, coupled with OPPO, vivo and other manufacturers, one year domestic mobile phone sales at least 100 million Taiwan level, enjoy the platform for the rental platform only 10 million, market share Seems to be negligible. The future even if the sharing of mobile phones backed by capital support, market share is also difficult to share the same as sharing a bicycle, because the sharing of mobile phones is a high-risk model of heavy assets, capital will not easily intervene.
Enjoy the reason why the replacement machine will be shared mobile phone, more rely on the parent company love recovery support. As we all know, love recycling is a well-known mobile phone recycling platform, will be recycled to the old mobile phone application platform is a good business model, but ultimately profitability and the formation of a healthy ecological chain or an unknown.
Comprehensive aspects of the situation, the risk of sharing mobile phones than sharing bicycles, shared charge to be high. Coupled with the phone is a very high privacy products, not suitable for sharing, which will make the mobile phone market has become very small. One side is high risk and high investment, while the side of the profitability of the dilemma, sharing the phone if you ignore these risks, reduced to share the economic cannon fodder is not alarmist.