Group held [happy home] outdoor expansion activities!

February 04, 2017

First of all, the Group and the leadership of the company's strong support, this event a complete success! First of all, the Group and the leadership of the company's strong support, this event a complete success!
Activity objectives:
The "farm home activities" Beyond the slogan is: "temper the will, cultivate sentiment, improve themselves, smelting team" deep connotation.
The meaning of the activities: the same goal, mutual trust
Whether it is the beginning of the "we are the chef", "group CS", mountain climbing, almost all the projects, each of our members are in a positive advice, are to achieve the goal of consistent efforts. There is no estrangement and selfishness but mutual help and collaboration, if we are in the actual work can be like this now. Hand clasped, mutual support, we can become a united, with a strong cohesion of the team. The most memorable thing is, in the "I am a chef", so I really appreciate the same boat, mutual trust.
In the "we are a chef" project, although there is no previous exercise, there is no written division of labor, but our goal is consistent, the results, surprisingly coordinated and reasonable, the final three tables of delicious baked, delicious Rice, to the total mention of hierarchical management, a clear leadership of the extremely important line. In particular, after the determination of each person's job responsibilities, their duties, is conducive to clear responsibilities, to play the individual's subjective initiative, so that both know what they should do, but also thinking about how to do
Everyone has different character traits, lifestyle, preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and these habits are somewhat beneficial to the team and some are harmful to the team. In the actual work to correctly distinguish between the interests of individuals and the team can not bring bad habits in life, to actively and quickly convert their roles and mentality, accurate positioning, obedience arrangements. In the work, the need for communication between the various units and information sharing, need to cooperate with each other and coordinate the formation of the strength of the integration to complete a common task.
Heart language
Although only a short day, the activities given to our inspiration and experience is a permanent spiritual wealth, no matter what kind of position we are in, as long as the experience will be able to get a very useful life insights. Always maintain a billion positive energy continue to inspire themselves to move forward!