Hunan Win Think Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
Hunan Win Think Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in September 2016, in November 2016 officially started production, but would like to electronics is the Shenzhen YinTaiFu Holdings Group in Xiangxi Economic Development Zone, a set of investment in the whole set of mobile phone R & D, production assembly , Sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. Production base is located in Hunan Province, Xiangxi Economic Development Zone Innovation Park 1, the plant area of ​​7,000 square meters, with two dust-free production workshop, 10 assembly line, two packaging lines, with an annual output of 10 million mobile phone machine The At present in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Bangladesh and other regions have a stable customer and market, exports more than 40 billion yuan. Company management staff all recruited by the Shenzhen, has many years of rich management experience. Focus on jobs such as: maintenance, welding, paste TP, and other types of jobs. Now has a staff of 200 people, currently equipped with four assembly lines, a packaging line. Each speaker function configuration 28 people, QC 5 people, FQC 3 people, OQC 5 people, integrated production capacity 400PCS / H. A team is a system that has a common goal and has a small group of people with different abilities consciously coordinating behavior or force. This group of people, like a human being, works together to maintain a person's survival and is indispensable.
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Hunan Win Think Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. in September 12, 2016 formally established, currently has 10production line, two packaging production line, a mobile phone R & D center, the company address is located in Hunan Xiangxi Economic Development Zone, Park Dapo plant two, the total area of 5400 square meters, with staff quarters 1800 square meters. Mainly engaged in mobile phone production, as well as mobile phone export business, is expected to invest 200 million yuan, the end of 2016 total export tax rebate reached 20 million US dollars. At present, the company has completed 10 production lines and two packaging production lines, mobile phone R & D center and laboratory all the project construction. This project is only hope that Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiangxi Economic Development Zone to implement the mobile Internet intelligent mobile terminal products advanced manufacturing center construction projects.

This project will make full use of the industrial and resource advantages of the open area, and adopt the combination of excellent product design and advanced production line. After the completion of the project, the project will attract a large number of talents, alleviate the pressure of social employment and bring greater local tax Of the economic benefits, but also with the surrounding electronics industry together to form a complete industrial chain, integration of resources, optimize the allocation, improve efficiency and product competitiveness, the goal is to achieve "zero inventory operation" and economies of scale. The implementation of the project is conducive to improving the Xiangxi mobile communications industry chain, to promote the relevant enterprises to achieve innovation, efficient and sustainable development of great significance.